gift ideas for son


With so many toys on the market today at different price ranges, it can be difficult knowing which gift to choose for your little one. Watching your son explore and unwrap his present is always a special moment. However, finding something that fits into your budget, while also providing hours of educational playtime can feel like an absolute chore nowadays. Guess what?! It doesn’t actually have to feel like a challenge! We’ve put together a list of creative gift ideas that are sure to bring joy to any 2-year-old boy without breaking your bank.

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Shop Thrift Stores or Marketplace

One of my best recommendations for saving your bank account, is to look for secondhand toys in thrift stores or on Facebook Marketplace. There are often toys there that have only been used a couple of times, or are even still in the original packaging! These are also places that can give you some more great gift ideas if you aren’t sure what to get your little boy. I find that my son’s favorite part of getting a gift is just unwrapping the present and seeing something new. After that, the toy generally gets played with for a day or two, and then forgotten about. Buying a secondhand toy is a great way to get your kids something that is new to them, without costing you a fortune. Plus, IF the toy ends up becoming a favorite, then you got a lifelong toy for cheap!

Cardboard Houses

Another gift idea that doesn’t cost a fortune: cardboard playhouses. These are one of the most creative and fun options you can give. Not only are cardboard houses incredibly cheap to make, but they also provide your little one with endless entertainment. All you need to do is take a few giant cardboard boxes that are sitting in your garage, and turn them into an imaginative playhouse for your toddler. Your little adventurer will have hours of fun playing in these cardboard dwellings; from pretend picnics, to space missions – the possibilities are endless. Plus, its compact size means it won’t take up much space in their bedroom or playroom!

A New Ball

This next gift idea may seem simple, but a new ball is an excellent choice that won’t break the bank. I love this one from Amazon, because it comes in different sizes, colors, and with a pump. This special gift will get your little one laughing, playing, and having great fun! Your child will be able to kick it around and even play catch while they develop new skills like balance and coordination. And best of all, they get them out in the fresh air with their friends or family members.

Exciting Adventures

Our final gift idea on a budget is simple. Spending quality time with your little one is something you simply can’t put a price on. That’s why, if you’re looking for fun ideas, try taking your two-year-old on an exciting and fun adventure – someplace they’ll never forget! Take them to explore the beach, go on a fun excursion to the zoo, or maybe brave some indoor parks if it’s too chilly or rainy. Often places like Groupon will have discounts or specials that they are running, and can give you some more gift ideas. When you spend the day with your little one, you’re helping create fantastic memories.

With a little bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, you can find budget-friendly gifts for your 2-year-old boy that will be cherished. Secondhand toys are a great option, or you could even get crafty and make a cardboard house – the possibilities are endless! And sometimes, the best gift is simply taking your child out for a special day together. Whatever you choose, your 2-year-old is sure to love it.