I bet you’ve heard of Boppy pillows as a nursing pillow. But, did you know they have a lot of other uses as well? Read on to see how you can get the most out of your Boppy pillow!

  • Nursing (obviously): One of our lactation consultants actually didn’t recommend using a Boppy for nursing because it doesn’t hold your baby up high enough, and therefore you might end up slouching to reach your baby (or needing to hold your baby up to your breast for the whole nursing session). For this reason I actually didn’t use a Boppy immediately postpartum (I used this pillow instead, which has nice lower back support!) but I ended up using my Boppy a few weeks later for nursing and it worked well.
  • Sitting: Instead of buying a donut pillow for only a few days postpartum, I decided to use my Boppy pillow to sit on! It worked especially well in wheelchairs and the car.
  • Tummy time: For the first two or so months, your baby will need some extra support during tummy time. Instead of laying your baby flat on their stomach, use it to prop their chest off the ground a little. This makes it a little easier for them to hold themself up! Put their body inside the Boppy with their chest, arms and head leaning over the side.
  • One handed feeds: If you want to multitask (or you’re in the middle of pumping and your baby gets hungry), prop your baby up inside the Boppy while you feed him/her a bottle. 
  • “Travel” pillow: Use it to rest your head as if it’s an inflatable travel pillow. Simply put your head inside the hole and relax! 

I hope these hacks help you take full advantage of your Boppy pillow!

How do you use your Boppy pillow? Let me know in the comments!


Sarah's a boy mom, wife to her high school sweetheart, and part-time expat due to her husband's job. In her free time, she loves walking in the sunshine, cooking, and spending time with her husband.

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