activities during pregnancy


I know it can feel like you only hear about the things you CAN’T do while pregnant, and maybe you can’t do your favorite go-to date now that you’re pregnant, so I wanted to provide some pregnancy-friendly activities and date ideas for couples!

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Rent a pool with Swimply

Swimply is like the AirBnb for pools where you can rent someone’s private pool by the hour. Some even allow parties! I think Swimply is the coolest thing, especially because my husband loves swimming, but also because swimming is great for pregnancy- it helps you get a workout in while feeling weightless, and cool off!

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Go to the movies

Check what new movies are coming out and find one you can both agree on. As a bonus, find a theater with seats that recline (some even have foot rests!) do you can prop your feet up at the same time. Also, maybe splurge on some popcorn for the special occasion; it does have a good source of fiber, just be aware it has a lot of butter and salt.

Have a movie night at home

Does going to the movies sound like too much work? Stay in and play one of your favorites on a site like Disney+, Netflix, or Prime Video. Whip up your own popcorn or some fruit, and don’t forget the blankets!

Watch sports games

Especially if you’ll be having a boy, this is a great time to get into and learn about sports. If you don’t have cable, DirectTV has had most games we’ve wanted to watch, except a football game once. Amazon Prime Video streams NFL games.

Go to a concert

Keep an eye on your favorite artists’ tour schedule and buy some tickets when they come to town. From what I’ve read online, it sounds like concerts (and the loud noises) are safe during pregnancy, just avoid being right next to the speakers. I recommend double-checking with your doctor though.

Go to a comedy show

They say laughter is the best medicine, and it’ll definitely lift your spirits, especially if hormones have you feeling all over the place!

Host a game night

Have a few friends over and play some games! Or, find a game for two and play with just the two of you. Lately, my husband and I have been loving One Night Ultimate Werewolf and Splendor. Puzzles are fun too (and don’t require much energy).

Play miniature golf

If you have the energy, playing miniature golf is a fun outing where you can get some fresh air.

Go for a walk

It sounds simple, but not only is walking a great pregnancy workout, it’s a great opportunity for you two to relax and talk. I’ll create a post soon on conversation starters during pregnancy.


If you feel up for more than a walk, get your endorphins pumping and workout together! I always say, “Couples that workout together stay together.”

Go on a scenic car ride or road trip

Explore a new town or just drive and see where you end up. When we’ve taken road trips lately I’ve been reading a book out loud to my husband while he drives and that’s been fun, or find some conversation starters.

Dinner date

Stereotypical, yet it never gets old, does it? Skip cooking one evening and head to a restaurant instead!

At home dinner date

If you don’t feel like going to a restaurant, eat in the comfort of your own home with candles and some takeout or a homemade meal.

BONUS pregnancy-friendly activities for fall time:

(Since I’m feeling pretty good in the second trimester this fall)

  • Enjoy a bonfire
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Dress up for Halloween/hand out candy
  • Make hot apple cider and/or hot chocolate
  • Watch Halloween movies

I hope these pregnancy-safe date ideas bring some fun and spark to your life, especially during pregnancy!