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Selecting a pump can seem like a big and overwhelming decision with so many options available, so I wanted to share my experience with the Zomee collection cups and the Lansinoh Signature Pro pump.

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Don’t forget, you can get a free pump through your health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act! Contact your insurance company for more information.

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Zomee Z2 Collection Cups (with double electric breast pump)


  • Automatic shut off: After 30 minutes, it automatically turns off which is nice if you fall asleep while pumping (I fell asleep once and woke up when it shut off).
  • USB charger: I love this because it’s international-travel friendly because you don’t need to worry about different plugs and voltages in different countries.
  • Small motor: This was so nice because I could really be on the go with it! 
  • The cups are more discreet than traditional milk collection bottles- just slip them into your bra.
  • The motor is pretty quiet.


  • They worked well for a few weeks but then sometimes I’d get nothing out of one breast.
  • The screen stays on the whole time; it’s very bright in the middle of the night.
  • It’s easy to accidentally touch the buttons. I’d accidentally turn it off mid-cycle which was annoying because then I wouldn’t know how long I had been pumping. It was also painful sometimes if I accidentally increased the suction.
  • The suction felt too strong for me and hurt my nipples over time.
  • It didn’t seem to be as efficient at expressing milk as the Lansinoh pump.

Lansinoh Signature Pro pump


  • Affordable (especially if you add it to your Amazon baby registry and use your completion discount!)
  • Super easy to assemble 
  • Easy to clean
  • The light doesn’t stay on, which is nice at night


  • The motor is sort of loud
  • The pieces might loosen overtime
  • It’s only AC adapter or battery powered: It isn’t USB or rechargeable, but the batteries are lasting a lot of pump sessions so far and I plan on buying rechargeable AA batteries.
  • The light doesn’t stay on: You can’t see the screen at night after it shuts off.
  • The light is really bright in the dark.

Overall, the Lansinoh Signature Pro pump is working better for me and I’ve been happy with it, especially since it didn’t break the bank! The Zomee pump worked well for a few weeks but it seemed to stop working as well after using it for a few weeks.

What pump(s) have you tried? How did you like them?

The Zomee Versus The Lansinoh - An Epic Breast Pump Review