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When waiting for your baby to arrive, it can feel like time is moving at a snail’s pace. It’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time; make the most of it and help the days pass quicker with these activities about how to pass the time while waiting for your baby past their due date:


If you haven’t already, do some last minute cleaning. It’ll be at least a few weeks before you’re able and free to do any cleaning after the baby’s here.

Meal Prep

I know you probably don’t feel like cooking while 9 months pregnant. However, it’ll be even more difficult when recovering postpartum and caring for your bundle of joy. Here are some ways to get ahead on food:

  • Make sure your pantry is stocked
  • Prepare and freeze some main dishes
  • Put smoothie ingredients in baggies so you can just dump one (plus a liquid) in the blender for an easy, nutritious snack. Don’t forget to include some veggies (spinach or kale, cucumber and carrots), nuts (unsalted walnuts and/or almonds), wheat germ, chia seeds, and hemp hearts.
  • Put together some instant pot or crockpot “dump” recipes (put all the ingredients in a large freezer bag, dump them in the instant/crockpot, set to cook and enjoy!).

Do Last Minute Things

I know there were some things I waited until the baby arrived to do that I could have gotten out of the way sooner. For example, open a pack (or two) of wipes. Load the diaper warmer and turn it on (if you’re using one). Put a clean sheet on the bassinet/crib. Make sure the baby monitor and white noise machine are charged, etc.

Pack the Diaper Bag & Hospital Bag

This is something you can do before baby arrives that you’ll definitely want ready as soon as your little one arrives. You can read everything I keep in my diaper bag in this post.

Pack your hospital bag: Make sure you have everything you’ll need ready to go!

Naturally Induce Labour

You can try to induce labor naturally using the tips in this article. Only do this if you’re past your due date and your doctor approves it.

Relax & Enjoy the Time

I know this is the hardest item on this list. However, here are a few simple ways to take relax before your baby arrives:

  • Play (board) games
  • Sleep (as much as your aching body will let you haha)
  • Go to the movies (you probably won’t do it again for awhile!)
  • Spend time with your husband, older children (if you have any), and extended family

I know everyday feels like it’s crawling by, and each night you might be disappointed that wasn’t the day, but I guarantee your baby will be here soon!

Do you have any other activities I can add to my how to pass the time while waiting for your baby past their due date list?

How to Pass the Time While Waiting for your Baby Past their Due Date

A diaper bag will be your new favorite accessory after your bundle of joy arrives, and if you pack it right it’ll be your new side kick. So, let’s make sure you’ve got all of the right diaper bag essentials.

I recommend packing it when you pack your hospital bag. Take it to the hospital/birthing center with you, and keep it packed all the time (as best you can). This way it’s ready to grab-and-go whenever you need to leave the house.

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My husband bought me this diaper bag as I’m obsessed! The zippers open and close so smoothly I can use them one handed (while holding my baby in the other hand). It comes with a changing table mat, and a little cooler bag for milk, formula, snacks, or cooling teethers, etc. I love the side pockets! One fits several diapers and the other side fits a pack of wipes so those two items are always handy. I got it in black so it’s gender-neutral for our current and future children. (But mainly so my husband is willing to wear it haha.)

Diaper Bag Essentials

The following items are my diaper bag essentials that I can’t leave home without:

  • A muslin cloth: This serves as a nursing cover, sunshade, light blanket (or fold it in quarters for a heavier blanket), and a playmat on the grass. I love these ones because they’re so big and versatile. Plus, there are enough to have a few in the wash, one in the diaper bag & one on the stroller.
  • A special toy: We keep one in the diaper bag and only use it when we’re out somewhere to keep it exciting.
  • A change of clothes for baby: Usually it’s just a onesie. However, it’s nice having one in case of a blowout or big spit up.
  • Burp cloths: We always need at least one, sometimes two burp cloths.
  • Diapers and wipes: Obviously we need these in our diaper bag.
  • Plastic grocery bag for dirty diapers: This was the best diaper bag hack I found. Whether you use it for a dirty diaper when there isn’t a trash can nearby, or wet clothes, a plastic bag is bound to come in handy sooner or later (probably sooner lol).
  • Hand sanitizer: In case we aren’t near a sink, you want to be able to clean your hands while out.
  • Nail file: For the first several weeks we filed our baby’s nails instead of trimming them. Now, it’s nice to have one on hand for me to use, but it’s also been nice if he gets a jagged nail so I can smooth it out while we’re out.
  • Diaper changing pad: This has been so handy when there isn’t a changing table around and we change him on the floor or on the grass. I also put it down even if there is a changing table though for some cushion. Hopefully, it also reduces some of the germs.
  • Pacifier: Because an extra one is always nice to have.
  • Baby lotion: I actually haven’t used it yet but I imagine it’ll be nice to have it come wintertime.
  • Chapstick for me: I hate having dry lips. So, this is an easy way to take care of myself while out.
  • Hydration for me: I always have a water bottle (which is especially important while breastfeeding), and I often have a small bottle of Gatorade during the summer as well. (I heard Gatorade can help increase your milk supply.)
  • Snacks for me: Another way to boost your milk supply is to make sure you eat enough. I try to pack fresh fruit when I have time, but most of the time I rely on granola bars and/or peanut butter crackers. That way I can leave in the bag for a while until I need them.
  • My wallet and phone: Since the diaper bag is basically my new purse, I keep my phone and wallet in it so I don’t forget them.

Outings are much easier when you have a properly stocked diaper bag. Plus, you can get out the door much quicker if it’s already packed (for the most part).

I hope this post helped you prepare your diaper bag essentials. Let me know in the comments what you keep in your diaper bag!

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