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It can be incredibly difficult to find gifts for a husband who doesn’t want anything, so I wanted to share some of my tips and ideas on gift giving for a husband who has everything.

First, my number one tip is to start a list (mine’s just a note on my phone) and record every time something comes to mind that might make a nice gift. For example, if he mentions something in passing, if you notice he especially enjoys doing an activity, or if he borrows something from someone and you think he’d like to have one of his own. I think this is the best way to come up with gift ideas, especially for someone that’s hard to shop for. (I actually do this for all of my friends and family as well; I’m not a great gift-giver unless there’s something on this list, and then I get so excited to give them something I truly think they’ll love! It’s a wonderful feeling.)

Aside from taking notes throughout the year, these are a few more specific gift ideas:

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A gift card to his favorite restaurant

Food is the best way to a man’s heart, so it’s hard to go wrong with this gift option! My husband absolutely loves Chipotle and could eat it everyday, so he always loves getting their gift cards.

A new game

If you’re into game nights and noticed he loved playing a game that someone else brought but you don’t have, buy him his own so you two can play it more often! Or, if he’s into video gaming and a new game came out that he’s been eyeing, buy him a copy.

A Swimply gift card

If your husband loves swimming (or if you just have hot summers where you live), treat him to an afternoon at a private pool! Swimply is similar to AirBNB, but instead of housing, you rent pools by the hour. Most pools allow a few people so he could even invite some of his closest friends for a guys’ afternoon! Some pools even allow parties if he wants to go all out! You can get $25 off your first booking using this link.

A humorous gift

There are some great and funny socks, t-shirts, gag gifts, etc. available online. Have a scroll through somewhere like Amazon or Zazzle; I’d recommend searching for something like, “Funny [hobby] shirt” and see what pops up!

Something unique for his hobby

While thinking about his hobby, check if Amazon has anything unique that would complement or make his hobby more fun. For example, my husband plays basketball and we found a string of lights for him to hang on his basketball hoop; it seems simple but he thought it was so cool!

A gift card to a “bro’s night” (or date night) spot

Does he love laser tag, bowling, arcades? Treat him to a night out at one of his favorite hang out spots! Dave & Buster’s is one of our favorite spots.

Give a donation in his name

All that being said, if he really doesn’t want or need anything, giving a donation in his name to a cause he cares about is a great, impactful gift! Heifer International lets you gift an animal to a family in need, providing a gift that keeps on giving!

I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your husband who doesn’t want anything!

Do you have more gift ideas? Drop them in the comments to help other wives out!

Gifts for a husband who doesn't want anything