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You might be wondering, are maternity clothes really necessary?

I get it, maternity clothes are expensive and it seems like a waste when you’ll only wear them for a few months (per pregnancy). I have bought a few items, but there are ways to avoid buying maternity clothes, and lots of ways to save money on maternity clothes!

Read on to learn some of my tips!

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Check your closet

Before buying anything new, spend some time looking through your existing clothes; keep an eye out for open cardigans and jackets, button up shirts, stretchy tops and dresses, loose shirts, and tops/dresses with high/empire waistlines. Make a mental note of what you already have, then just buy what you need to fill in the “gaps” in your wardrobe.

In addition, try piecing together your existing clothes in new ways to create multiple outfits with the same items. I love using Pinterest to get ideas if you need some inspiration!

Make smart purchases

When you are buying pregnancy clothes, try to find items that you can wear after your pregnancy as well. Look for similar items I mentioned above- open cardigans and jackets, button up shirts, stretchy tops and dresses, loose shirts, and tops/dresses with high/empire waistlines- so you can wear them now, postpartum, and beyond!

I bought some LaClef and from Mother Bee maxi dresses off Amazon and loved them all. They’re stretchy, comfortable and soft, so I’m wearing them throughout pregnancy. I love that the high waistline creates some definition in my shape so I don’t look like a potato. The crossover “V” neckline also opens up for nursing so I can wear them postpartum. And since they aren’t pregnancy-specific, I’m going to wear them even after I finish breastfeeding.

I can wear them in the summer with a pair of sandals, or in the winter with a jacket and cute pair of enclosed shoes, which should ensure I can wear them with any subsequent pregnancies.

Borrow hubby’s clothes

His closet is probably the best place to get free maternity clothes. I plan on borrowing some of hubby’s hoodies when I’m huge and don’t fit anything else, but I’ve also been wearing his flannels unbuttoned with a cami underneath and a pair of leggings. 

I bought these camis from Target and love them! They’re super stretchy and have a built-in nursing bra so I can wear them postpartum as well.

Ask your friends for clothes

If you have any friends that have been pregnant lately, ask if you can borrow some pregnancy clothes from them- this is another way to get free maternity clothes!

Find affordable maternity clothes

Check thrift stores, consignment shops, the sales racks (I found some nice pregnancy shirts on Old Navy’s sale rack), Facebook Marketplace, and Poshmark. (Save $10 on Poshmark when you use the code “sarahclyms”.) I actually found my favorite pair of maternity leggings at a thrift store for just a few dollars! I’m learning that maternity (and baby) clothes are great ones to buy second hand because they haven’t been worn much so they’re still in great shape!

Find cheap maternity/nursing bras

I made it through my first trimester without buying any new bras (just wearing sports bras), but by the start of my second trimester I really couldn’t breathe in any of the bras I had. I purposely got nursing bras though so I might be able to use them while nursing too (but I’ve heard size will increase again so we’ll see). BUT the bras I bought are comfortable enough for lounging around the house/sleeping in, but I can also workout in them and even wear them when I dress up! I got a 4 pack for $29 from Gailife, and a 2 pack for $15 from Angelhood, but you could just get 2 or 4 if you’re trying to avoid buying maternity clothes.

I hope this post helps you dress while pregnant!

What are your tips for pregnancy attire? Where have you found the best maternity clothes?

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How to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes
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