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Pregnancy is an amazing miracle. Yet, it can also be challenging and uncomfortable, especially in the first trimester. So, we need all the pregnancy hacks we can get!

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Flavored water

Regardless of whether or not you like water, adding flavor to it makes it better! My #1 pregnancy hack for the first trimester was adding lemon juice to my water. I read citrus can help with nausea, and plain water started to taste a little gross to me. 

You could also buy some fruit infused water (I loved Hint), just make sure it doesn’t have any sugars, etc. added.

Send your husband to pick up the groceries

I was way too tired in the first trimester for grocery shopping AND cooking. Luckily, I learned pretty early on that I could order groceries online (from the couch) and send my husband to pick them up- at no extra cost! It saved him time from doing the full trip himself. Plus, I knew we were getting the right items because I had picked them out myself. I used Giant, but I’ve since learned that Amazon Prime also offers free 2-hour DELIVERY with Amazon Fresh– even better!

Online shopping

Speaking of Amazon, save yourself from tedious errands by shopping on Amazon instead. Amazon Prime has become my newest obsession during pregnancy. It’s so quick and easy to order practically anything I need, and it arrives within 2 days!

Try Amazon Prime for free for 30 days with this link.

Try HelloFresh

If buying lots of random groceries still seems too tiring, or if you don’t want to plan meals, give HelloFresh a go! I used HelloFresh for the first time during pregnancy. I loved that it made cooking easier (gave us everything in the exact amounts we needed). Even though I didn’t eat some of the meals due to nausea, hubby loved having home cooked meals.

Get $150 off HelloFresh with this link.

Reach for fruit first

If you’re craving sweets, eat some fruit first and see if you’re still craving sugar! As a bonus, have some of your favorite fruits on hand (mine are raspberries and pomegranate seeds) so even the fruit feels like a special treat. I’ve done this before when craving apple pie, but after eating some pomegranate seeds I was content!

Bonus tip: Don’t leave your sweets out where you can see them. Out of sight, out of mind! Put them away in a cupboard so you aren’t constantly seeing them; especially during pregnancy, I’ve craved anything I see haha.

Make your own popsicles

I read that cold foods can help with nausea because they aren’t as smelly, and sometimes a nice cool popsicle was all my body wanted, especially in the summertime. Unfortunately, you’ve probably started to notice how much junk is in a lot of the foods we eat, including sugary popsicles. Instead of buying store-bought popsicles, try making your own with popsicle molds! They don’t even need to be complicated- freeze some leftover fruit smoothie or 100% fruit juice.

Hold onto your jeans a little longer

Use a hair tie or rubber band to expand the waistline of your pants so you can wear them a few weeks longer. I used this hack in the first trimester when I was too bloated to button my pants up all the way but hadn’t told many people I was pregnant yet; it’s easy to hide with a long shirt. 

View this post for more tips on dressing while pregnant.

Shop second hand

Whether you’re buying maternity clothes for yourself or baby clothes and items for your bundle of joy, don’t overlook thrift stores and second hand sites like Poshmark. (Use the code “sarahclyms” for $10 off your first Poshmark purchase!)

Maternity and baby clothes are especially great items to buy second hand since they haven’t been worn often and tend to still be in great shape!

Learn how to save even more money on pregnancy clothes here

Get the word out

One of the perks of sharing your good news with everyone is the possibility of getting some free hand-me-downs from people you know! You could even try posting on Facebook that you’re looking for maternity and baby items and see what comes your way!

Remember it’s temporary

Don’t forget that the first trimester is only about 3 months (and for the first month you probably didn’t even feel very pregnant); soon you’ll be into the second trimester when nausea often subsides, and you usually get more energy, start to feel your baby kicking, and finally start to look pregnant! You got this, mama!

I hope these pregnancy hacks make your first trimester easier and more enjoyable!

Share your first trimester pregnancy hacks with other moms-to-be in the comments!

Pregnancy hacks for the first trimester
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