If you’ve always wanted to breastfeed, it can be really upsetting, frustrating, and hard to stay positive when breastfeeding doesn’t go as planned. So how do you say positive when things don’t go as planned?

These are some things I’ve been doing to stay positive during a frustrating breastfeeding journey.

Tricks to Stay Positive When Breastfeeding:

Take walks: Getting out of the house and into the fresh air does wonders for mental health and sanity. It’s grounding, as well as calming. I especially love walking on sunny days, but even cloudy days have a positive impact on my mood.

Remember it isn’t forever: In the moment, it’s easy to think breastfeeding (or pumping) will last forever, so it’s been helpful to remind myself that it’s only temporary. Also, taking note of how far you’ve come and how much closer you are to introducing solid foods can help.

Work with a lactation consultant: If you still want to breastfeed, work with a lactation consultant to get support and guidance.

Talk about it: Even though you rarely hear this, breastfeeding is difficult for a lot of women. You don’t need to keep your emotions to yourself! Share what you’re going through and how it makes you feel with your family, friends, therapist, and/or doctor- whoever you feel comfortable with and will make you feel better about the situation.

Remember it’s not your fault: Chances are, there’s nothing you could have done to avoid the less than ideal situation you’re in now. Don’t blame yourself!

Some breastmilk is better than none: If you’re still working hard to give your baby some breastmilk, remind yourself that even just a little breastmilk is better than none! Breastmilk has so many benefits for your baby; even if you can only give your baby a little, it’ll pay off.

Give yourself permission to do what’s best for you and your baby/situation: Try to let go of how you thought things would go. Instead, evaluate the situation and give yourself permission to adjust the plan to fit your unique situation.

Remember You’re Doing an Amazing Job!

Breastfeeding (and motherhood!) is hard work, but you’re doing an amazing job! Keep up your hard work; I promise it’ll all pay off and get easier soon (or so I’ve heard)!

I hope this post helped if you’ve been wondering what to do when breastfeeding isn’t going as planned. Let me know what suggestions you’re going to try, and share which tactics are helping you in the comments!

How to Stay Positive When Breastfeeding Doesn't Go as Planned