ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy


I’ll be honest, as excited as I am to be a mom, I’ve also been worrying about my body changing and not feeling as confident in it as I did before pregnancy. One thing I’ve been concerned about is stretch marks, so I researched and have been taking the following steps to hopefully prevent stretch marks during pregnancy (and I must say, they’ve been working so far!).

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Keeping your skin moisturized during pregnancy helps prevent stretch marks by keeping your skin soft and helping it stretch without tearing. Personally, I do a full-body lotion fresh out of the shower (mostly because I’ve been having dry skin), and then lotion my belly again at bedtime. I’ve tried various lotions and oils, but I think Burt’s Bees Belly Butter is the best product for stretch marks during pregnancy because it doesn’t leave me feeling greasy and sticky like some other lotions do.

Focus on the most stretch-mark-prone spots: Your belly, breasts, butt, thighs, and upper arms.

Marriage tip: Make it a routine for your husband to lotion your belly at bedtime- it’s a great way for him to bond with the baby, and it gives the two of you a calm moment together.


Another way to keep your skin soft is by staying hydrated throughout the day! Carry a water bottle with you all day, and aim for your pee to be a light-lemonade color. If it’s darker than that, you’re dehydrated!

Manage weight gain

Stretch marks are a result of dramatic weight change, so gaining weight too suddenly can increase your chances of them appearing. Obviously, weight gain is healthy during pregnancy, but aim to gain it gradually and in a healthy way. 

One way to do this is to workout during pregnancy. Even just a 30 minute walk, five times a week is great!

Another way to manage your weight gain is by eating healthy. Aim to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and fewer processed/packaged foods.

Eat well

In addition to helping manage your weight gain, eating well during pregnancy also provides your body and skin with the nutrients and vitamins it needs, which can help decrease the appearance of stretch marks.

I’ve been using these tips to prevent stretch marks during my pregnancy, and at 25 weeks, I have yet to see any appear! I hope this post helps you have a pregnancy without stretch marks as well!

What have you been doing to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy? Drop a comment to let me and other moms-to-be know!

Avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy